Summerplace Natural Resources Ltd(SUNRE) is a 100% Zimbabwean privately owned consulting company which is involved in offering various environmental, agricultural, Geospatial and application develpment services. The company was established and registered under Registrar of Companies in 2014 and has undertaken various Agricultural, soil surveys and mapping, EIA and other natural resources related projects which include services for mining, construction, housing, both in Zimbabwe and East and southern African region. The company was started by professionals with vast experience in agriculture, water, environment, mining and information technology. They have been working in various sectors of the economy including the government, NGO, private sector and various organisations and have taken various consultancy work in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Unique skills, experiences and professional backgrounds from these professionals were synthesised and integrated to give a solid birth to Summerplace Natural Resources (Pvt) Ltd. These skills and experiences make SUNRE unique and outstanding due to its multidisciplinary approach to natural resources management and agriculture. Physical Presence SUNRE has permanent physical presence in Harare and Gweru, Zimbabwe and a representative in Beira, Mozambique.

Application Development

Noticing the growing demand for mobile and desktop applications in the agriculture, health and environment sector, SUNRE has opened up an App Developmnet section to cater for this many clients who need to this service. Recently, SUNRE developed a Fertiliser and Lime Recommendation Desktop application and soil survey field mobile application for capturing data in the field. We are developing various proprietary and open source mobile apps for agric and environment that will be available on Android soon. The app develoment section work hand-in-glove with the GIS services section to come up with application which are location sensitive/ aware.

Soil Surveys and Sampling

We offer services associated with agricultural and soil assessments and recommendations. Soil surveys supports irrigation development, crop suitability assessments, forestry development at farm, estate and other bigger projects. Summerplace is affliated with accredited laboratories for soil and water sample analysis for timely and accurate recommendation to our clients. We also partners with various irrigation engineering companies working together to assess soil for pivot, drip irrigation installation, etc.

Environmental Services

We are registered with Environmental Management Agency as EIA Consultants offering services in environmental impact assessments, auditing and quarterly reports. We have over six years experience of providing environmental services input to projects in mining, power sector, telecomms, land development, energy sector, housing and infrastructural development. Our main goal is assisting our clients to get their projects planned, built and operated on schedule, while meeting their own expectations for management of impacts of the local communities and environmental, social and cultural resources.

GIS and Drone Services

Summerplace has highly experience staff and efficient infrastructure for GIS and remote sensing. We offer products such as production of all kinds of GIS based maps, webmaps, database design and management, processed remote sensing and UAV/drone imagery. The projects can be standalone or part of the projects that we do in environment and agriculture. Our clients come from government, NGOs, private sector, students, etc. We also offer drone services that form part of agriculture and environmental services or as a standalone service. If you have a project with aerial mapping component, then we are here for you.

More services

At SUNRE, we offer well crafted unique consultancy services in agriculture, environment and health.

Soil survey and mapping

SUNRE is one of a few companies in Zimbabwe that offers genuine soil survey services from well experienced and hardened soil scientists. We have carried out soil surveys in areas such as Binga, Marondera, Beitbridge, Tuli, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Chinhoyi, Chipinge, Chiredzi, etc. We have also gained favor with clients in Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, etc.

Environmental Impact Assessment

SUNRE has carried out many EIA projects for mining, energy, manufacturing, dam construction etc. These studies are to fulfill the Environmental Managemnt Act Chapter 20:27 of 2002 Zimbabwe. We also do environmental management plant, audits and quarterly reports.

Drone Mapping

We recently added Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to collect data on large area difficult to access during surveys. These images produce high resoultion products such as orthophotos, point clouds which are used to creat accurate GIS maps and databases.

Hydrological assessments

These are mainly studies on the impacts of activities such as alluvial gold mining on the hydrology of the area. Other assessments include impact of water abstruction on ground water table etc.

Wetland delineation and management

SUNRE is specialised in wetland delineation through detailed soil, water, and vegetation indicator species studies. At some point, SUNRE was engaged by EMA for a second opinion on the occurrence and extent of a wetland in some area earmarked for Service station development in Harare.

Geospatial services

SUNRE has been involved in development of geospatial tools from collection, analysis and presentation. Most of the projects comes from agriculture, environment and NGO sector.

our team

Our core technical team comprises professionals from different backgrounds in geospatial technologies, soil, ecology, water, social sciences, application development etc



Newton is the Managing Consultant(Soil Scientist-cum-GIS Analyst) for SUNRE. He is a holder of BSc in Soil Science, UZ; Cert in Spatial Data Handling: Databases, GIS and Remote Sensing; MSc Applied Geoinformatics, ITC Utwente NL; Cert. Irrigation and Water Resources Management for Agriculture, Queensland University, AU. He is also currently pursuing a Masters in Information Systems Management at MSU. Newton has vast experince in soil surveys and mapping, geospatial technologies including drone mapping. Newton has carried out numerous soil mapping and Geospatial projects in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya



Shelly is an Ecologist with SUNRE. She is a holder of BSc Honour Degree in Wildlife and Safari Management(CUT)and an Executive Certificate in Project management(UZ). She has been involved in several ecological assessment projects for EIA and wetland delineation in Zimbabwe



Ruvimbo is the lead Social Scientist for SUNRE who focuses on the social-economic aspects of projects carried out by Summerplace to ensure that the community benefits from the project being spearheaded in their communities. She is also involved in Monitoring and Evaluation of SUNRE programmes to make sure they are always on track and within set budgets. She holds a BSc Economics from University of Zimbabwe



Washington is the Hydrogical Scientist for SUNRE. He has wide experience in hydrological assessments, soil survey and sampling and small scale irrigation technologies. He is a holder of a degree in Land and Water Resources Management from Midlands State University.



Lawrence is a Senior Consultant(Soil Scientist) with SUNRE. He is a holder of a PhD in Soil Science(Ghent and Limpopo Universities),MSc Physical Land Resources(Ghent, Belgium) and a BSc Soil Science(UZ). He has more than 15 years experince in soil surveys and has carried out several soil surveys in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.



Chaule is the App Developer for our newly formed SUNRE Application Development Section for agriculture and environment. He has wide experience in coding with python, Java, html, php, etc.

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